For our current generation, this time is like no other that we have experienced.. All forms of work and creation have changed. The thought of investment for the future has totally changed and how that relates to real estate has become what once was the safest investment now unknown. How that relates to architecture, however is even more important than ever. I do understand this need and relationship. As the dollars we spend become less valuable each day. As your architect, I must create value through creation of an environment that gives back through experience and comfort.

It is this home, our shelter, our retreat that acts as an emotional healing and comforting place. It should call to us as a refuge from the daily experiences that takes away and gives back, once we again return that place we call home.

So again it is more important than ever before to get this investment right. Make it count for more than a house or a shelter. It should be as unique as you are and be built to meet all your needs.